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She blew nine times the limit but had 60 Minutes feeling sorry for her

Image: 60 Minutes

A journalist says he has proof that one of the worst drink drivers in New South Wales history lied to get off the charge.

On November 24 last year, police found mother-of-two Susan Lung passed out in her car on Sydney’s north shore with the keys on the floor.

The 42-year-old blew 0.445 in a roadside breath test, nine times the legal limit.

Lawyers successfully got her off the hook though, arguing there’s no proof she had actually been driving.

Lung went on Channel 9’s 60 Minutes on Sunday sticking by her story that she parked the car and then started drinking.

But, Channel 7 reporter Peter Fegan interviewed Susan Lung back in November and tells Ray Hadley he is “100%” certain she is lying.

“Her reply to me was she was driving to work. She openly admitted to me that she was driving, she didn’t know where her car was.

“I’ve got it in my notes and we’ve got the whole interview on tape. She admits to me she was drinking in the apartment, then she had to go to work.”

Fegan says 60 Minutes got the story completely wrong.

“I absolutely could not believe that they had her in the light that she had done nothing wrong and that people needed to feel sorry for her.”

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