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Sharks great Paul Gallen praises the NRL for setting the date

There is plenty of debate around the NRL’s plans to get players back on the field by May 28.

Premiership winning captain Paul Gallen tells Mark Levy the announcement is great.

“I think it’s great. I think the NRL have always been reactive in what they do. Finally we’ve got a bloke in there, Peter V’landys that’s being proactive on something, he’s actually putting a date on it and he’s working towards it.

“If we don’t get there, we don’t get there, but at least he’s having a real crack at it.”

He says there is no reason to get the season back up and running if they can do it safely.

“The government haven’t actually told us we had to stop, it’s the health officials.

“If they think it’s safe, then let’s get on with it. Let’s have the 28th as the date and come back.”

Gallen also says he doesn’t see much value in bringing in overseas stars for the 2020 season as the cost to the local talent would be too high.

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Image: Mark Metcalfe/Stringer