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Shadow Treasurer ‘cynical’ about seven-year income tax plan

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Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen says Australians have a right to be cynical about the government’s income tax package that is forecast over the next seven years.

Low and middle-income earners will receive a rebate under the plan which has passed parliament and the third highest tax bracket will eventually be phased out altogether.

Mr Bowen tells Alan Jones it’s only been a year since the government told Australians it needed to increase taxes to cover the NDIS.

“This year they say, ‘don’t worry about that we’ve got plenty of money, in fact, we can give you $140 billion worth of tax cuts, but not until six years and seven years time’.

“Now that is a long way away and everywhere I go Alan, people tell me how cynical they are about this approach that somehow the government knows exactly, to the last dollar, what they can afford to give in tax cuts in six or seven years.

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