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Shadow Resources Minister slams the government’s handling of Adani

The Shadow Resources Minister has labelled the process of approvals for Adani as “absolutely hopeless” after the mine was given the go-ahead on Thursday after years of delays. 

The Queensland environment department has approved Adani’s plans to manage groundwater on and around the mine site.

This comes after the Queensland government approved a crucial environmental plan to protect the endangered black-throated finch after continuously delaying the project.

Shadow Resources Minister Joel Fitzgibbon spoke about the mine after he suffered a 10 per cent swing against him in the NSW seat of Hunter during the federal election.

He tells Ross Greenwood the delays for Adani came from each level of government.

“The way the approvals were handled at the Commonwealth level were absolutely hopeless.

“It’s been a mess in Canberra, it’s been too slow in Brisbane.”

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