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Seniors struggling to find work as calls for Newstart increase intensifies

An advocate argues seniors need extra help as new figures suggest the largest group of people on Newstart are over the age of 55.

Former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce has backed calls to raise the Newstart allowance despite resistance from the government.

The government insists they should be focusing on creating more jobs for people rather than increasing the Newstart allowance.

National Seniors Advocate Ian Henschke tells John Stanley older people are struggling to find jobs, despite their efforts.

“We can do a lot better in this country.

“We’re letting older Australians languish…. these people are hardworking people who are now victims of a changing economy, and victims of sometimes a prejudice against older workers.

“You can’t tell me all those people are lazy… that would be a disgrace to say that. These people are not.”

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