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‘Send them back!’: Scott Emerson outraged as millionaires leave quarantine

The Simonds family have reentered the Queensland community after completing their mandatory fortnight-long quarantine in a luxury Gold Coast hotel.

Melbourne millionaire Mark Simonds attracted outrage from Queenslanders last month when he and his family sailed into the state on their yacht, the Lady Pamela, after initially being granted an exemption under allegedly false pretenses.

Scott Emerson reported the yacht’s passengers were released overnight, “under the cover of darkness”.

“And you know where they went, after that massive favour by the Queensland government?

“They’re going to stay here in Queensland.”

Scott was infuriated that the millionaire and his family were given permission to stay, and urged Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to reconsider.

“That’s a disgrace.

“Send them back to Victoria!”

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Image: A Current Affair