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Security expert says share bikes could be used as bombs

In the last year, ‘share-bike schemes’ have gone through the roof, seeing Sydney’s streets littered with thousands of unattended bikes.

Daniel Lewkovitz of award-winning electronic security and life-safety firm Calamity Monitoring is concerned the bicycles could be used by terrorists.

Mr. Lewkovitz highlights several incidents overseas:

  • Jaipur, India in 2008: Nine explosive-packed bicycles placed around seven locations – 60 killed, hundreds injured
  • Ahmedabad, India: 45 killed in a series of 17 blasts
  • Hyderabad, India in 2013: Twin bomb blasts – 18 killed, 40 injured
  • Baquba, Iraq in 2006: Bicycle bombing – 25 killed, dozens injured

Alan Jones speaks with Mr. Lewkovitz about the risk and how to mitigate it.

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