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Second earthquake hits Indonesian island, death toll rises to 227

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake has struck the Indonesian island of Lombok, reportedly causing buildings to collapse.

The latest tremor follows a strong quake on Sunday and Indonesian authorities confirmed the death toll has risen to 227.

Living Asia Resort and Spa manager Evan Burns is there and tells Ross Greenwood “it’s not good”.

“Everyone’s very stressed, everyone’s very scared but we have to deal with what we have at the moment.”

He tells Ross the father of a few of his staff members was killed in a building collapse in the first quake.

“It’s quite scary but I still have some guests here and we have to have brave faces and get through this.”

As for support, Evan says “the hospitals are full” and more needs to be done.

“I know Australia has disaster relief but I haven’t heard anything yet. They need the support here.”

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