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Scott Emerson challenges Virgin CEO over ‘secret’ deal amid hundreds of job losses

Around 400 Virgin jobs in Queensland are expected to be slashed as the airline scales back its operations.

Virgin Australia CEO Paul Scurrah was unable to confirm the reported numbers, telling Scott Emerson it will take a number of weeks to complete the redundancy process.

“There is no denying that there’ll be people in Brisbane that lose their jobs, that’s the consequence of COVID.

“We do want to make sure that [for] people who do want to stay, as least we explore every possible option of that happening.

“We have a lot of uncertainty fatigue here at the moment, Scott.”

Scott pointed out the Queensland Government has previously offered Virgin $200 million to guarantee jobs at the airline’s Brisbane headquarters – a deal Mr Scurrah claimed is still going ahead but could not reveal the details of.

“Can you understand why taxpayers might be saying out there, ‘I’d love to know what we’re actually getting for that money’?

“You’re keeping it secret, Treasurer Cameron Dick’s keeping it secret – shouldn’t there be a bit more openness about this?”

“That’s for others to judge,” the CEO responded.

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