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Scott Emerson blasts ‘social media warriors’ after Russell Island ‘cancelled’

Brisbane’s Russell Island has become the latest victim of the culture war, with activists petitioning the Queensland government to have it renamed.

Named after Secretary of State for the Colonies and slavery anti-abolitionist Lord John Russell, a petition has been delivered to Queensland parliament for the island’s name to be changed, along with other locations.

Redland City Council mayor Karen Williams told Scott Emerson it’s an issue that’s come up in her chambers before – six years ago.

“There was surveys done, and the state decided against it.

“I’m happy to revisit it, for all the right reasons.

“I don’t think it’s a decision we can make after reading the paper this morning, or listening to various programs.

“We need to do more research and make sure it is actually going to pay dividends.”

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Scott has been vocally opposed to ‘cancel culture’, calling it a “disease” which “threatens liberal democracy”.

“No nation, including Australia, is able to claim its history is free from cruelty or abuse of power.

“But cancel culture rejects any reasoned capacity to discuss our history.

“Social media warriors … want all voices silenced except their own.”

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