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Sarah Caisip’s heartfelt letter after her story was thrown into the spotlight

Sarah Caisip has sent Neil Breen a heartfelt letter, thanking him and the Prime Minister for paving the way for her to see her father one last time.

The 26-year-old has described Scott Morrison’s support as “a gesture that has restored our faith in humanity”.

Full letter from Sarah Caisip:

Dear Neil & Karryn,

I am writing to let you know that I have just received my Covid-19 test results back and I’m happy to say that I do not have Covid-19.

This has been an extremely difficult period of time for me not because of the media attention or politicians but because I have lost my dad. I will miss him dearly and I think he would have been quite surprised to see that at least for a brief period of time his was the most talked about memorial service in the country, with the Prime Minister himself offering his condolences. Dad was a brilliant man, a man who dedicated his life to his family and who was universally loved and admired.

I want to say that if it wasn’t for your efforts on the morning of my dad’s funeral and the care shown for me by Mr Morrison when he called me and also explained my situation to the Premier of Queensland, I would clearly have been left in the hotel room alone and would never have been able to say a final farewell to my dad. Some people might not understand that I now have some closure because of what you and the Prime Minister did for me, while others were trying their hardest to kick me while I was down (which is still shocking to me – I just wanted to say goodbye to my dad, not break the law or risk anybody’s health in any way).  

Mr Morrison took time to speak to me on the phone and sent me some thoughtful messages and it was clear to me that he understood that if I wasn’t able to say goodbye to my dad one last time I would be left with a scar for the rest of my life. For some reason this upset many people, but for me and my family it is a gesture that has restored our faith in humanity.

I have learnt in the past few days that several other people who were in similar situations to me have also been allowed permission to visit loved ones when they otherwise may not have been, so for me that makes the stress I am now enduring worthwhile. It is humbling to see that so many people have such compassion and this is something that I hope will inspire me when I am one day able to work as a nurse.

Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Much Love