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Sarah Caisip fought not to breakdown as she farewelled her father alone in a hazmat suit

Sarah Caisip has described the moment she appeared at her father’s funeral, 20 minutes after the service, and saw her family from afar.

“I got to see dad and that was better than nothing, so I really appreciate everyone’s support,” Ms Caisip said.

“How weird was it to see your mum and sister, but knowing you couldn’t interact with them?” Neil asked.

“It was really strange, seeing them in the funeral, that time of saying goodbye I couldn’t even get the support from mum and my sister, it was just like a wave from afar which was really hard, so I tried not to look at them and break down in the process.”

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The of aunt of Sarah Caisip has said the family was devastated that she was denied exemption to attend her father’s funeral.

Auntie Jane told Neil Breen that it was very upsetting, particularly for Sarah’s mum and sister, that she could not attend the funeral.

“What about her mum and her sister standing there, 20 minutes after the funeral and Sarah is brought in, there are police officers and army people, and she’s dressed in a Hazmat suit, what were you thinking when you saw her?” Neil asked.

“That was pretty upsetting, it was quite distressing to see that,” Jane replied.

“What did her mum say?” Neil asked.

“She was too upset to say much at all and her sister was very distressed.”

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Sarah wasn’t going to call anyone this morning, but wanted to thank 4BC for getting her story recognised.

“You guys started this whole thing and made it happen.”