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Sacrfices needed for NRL’s survival: Todd Greenberg

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NRL CEO Todd Greenberg is confident the NRL will survive, but not without sacrifice after announcing the suspension of the season.

The League has fought hard to keep the game going, even considering moving all clubs to a single location but conceded it is no longer safe to continue.

The decision was made to protect the health and safety of the players, following suit of major sporting events which have been cancelled around the world.

Mr Greenberg tells Alan Jones the game will “certainly survive” but there will need to be some changes.

“We’ve got to have an expectation across our whole industry that we have to reset the cost base… we’re just going to have to cut our costs accordingly.

“People are all going to have to make a contribution here and a sacrifice.

“We’ll come out the other side, I have no doubt we will, but it’s going to be a tough period of time to get there.”

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Image: Getty/Matt King