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Rugby league legend warns rule changes risk ‘the fabric of the game’

Several new rule changes to be debuted tonight have been criticised by coaches who warn they’ll make the game too fast.

Among the changes being trialled are the use of the six-again rule for 10-metre infringements, change in the Bunker referral process to reduce stoppages, and backs being banned from the scrum.

Nine commentator and Newcastle Knights legend Andrew Johns warned speeding up risks turning rugby league into touch footy and ruining “the fabric of the game”.

“I don’t think we should tinker with it too much,” he told Mark Levy.

“We’ve had a lot of injuries this year, whether that’s because of the six to go, and more fatigue in the game, with players’ timing being out, or whether it’s just bad luck.”

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Image: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images