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Rowan Dean: ‘All bets are off’ for Coalition if Labor changes leader

Smithy’s All-Star Rowan Dean says if Labor replaces Bill Shorten with Anthony Albanese, ‘all bets are off’ for the Coalition.

All they have to do, he says, is place Anthony Albanese in Bill Shorten’s place as leader.

Today’s Newspoll shows the Coalition still trails the Opposition 49-51 on a two-party preferred basis, but Malcolm Turnbull has increased his lead as preferred PM.

“The key thing to read into it is, mercifully, Malcolm Turnbull is more popular than Bill Shorten,” Rowan tells Chris Smith.

“That is something that we should be grateful for, that the Labor party still keep Bill Shorten in there.”

Rowan is adamant the lead won’t last if the Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure takes Bill Shorten’s place.

“If Albanese becomes leader between now and the next election, all bets are off.

“If you started saying Malcolm Turnbull against Albo, I think you’d see a very different thing in the polls and that is a big, big worry. Because we can’t afford to let Labor back into power in this country.”

On the government freezing the ABC’s funding in this year’s budget, Rowan says there’s “plenty of fat” to trim from the tax-payer funded organisation.

“It’s nonsense, the taxpayers should not be paying for this service when it’s not delivering what mainstream Australians want.”

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