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Rita Panahi hits out at ‘hate-filled bigots’ after Adam Goodes doco backlash

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Rita Panahi has responded to a string of abuse she has received after her controversial comments over the Adam Goodes documentary.

The Final Quarter documentary has caused a lot of debate around racism in Australia as it focused on the heckling the AFL great experienced in his final year.

While some insist the booing was racist, others think Goodes became a target because of his actions on the field and not his skin colour.

Rita has disagreed with the documentary, suggesting it left out facts and tried to “re-write history”.

She tells Steve Price she has been subjected to “ugly personal vitriol”.

“I’ve been called plenty of things this weekend, mainly by the so-called tolerant left.

“You scratch them and my, my, they are such hate-filled bigots.

“If you challenge the notion that Australia is a deeply racist country and even if you challenge that from a position of being a migrant, a person of colour, using empirical data, they will still attack you in the most ugly, bigoted way.”

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