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Paul Gallen backs NRL player lockdown during coronavirus pandemic

The debate continues about the NRL season as round two fast approaches.

Retired rugby league star Paul Gallen tells Mark Levy the situation is unique and the NRL will need to look at approaching the game in a different way.

“I think personally, for the game to continue, the game needs to do something different. I think if we continue the way we’re going at the moment it’s going to be inevitable that someone’s going to contract the virus.”

Gallen supports the players going into lockdown as an option but says it will depend on different circumstances.

“There’s a number of players who would do it,” Gallen said.

“I’ve got no doubt if I was a player and that was put to me, I would do it.

“I would say ‘yep no worries’ let’s go into quarantine for six to eight weeks or however long we have to be there in order to get paid and in order to play games every week to provide for the game, I would do it.”

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Image: Getty / Mark Metcalfe/Stringer