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‘Reach for nature first’: How to avoid self-isolation weight gain

Australians are predicted to add 50 million kilograms to their waistlines while stuck at home in isolation, and packaged foods are one of the biggest causes.

University of Sydney obesity researcher Dr Nick Fuller tells Deborah Knight we should be reaching for healthy snacks like fruit, nuts and seeds to fulfill those feel-good cravings.

“We’re in a different environment. We’re working from home, most of us, and we’re surrounded by food, and we’re reducing our activity.

“Tell yourself to reach for nature first.”

Dr Fuller advises listeners to avoid weighing themselves no more or less than once a week.

“Day-to-day fluctuations mean nothing… [but] if you leave your weight measurement for the next couple of weeks or months… it’s likely you’ll see that one to two-kilo increase.”

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