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Ray speaks to Brian Olive on his 50-year anniversary at NSW’s oldest abattoir

Ray Hadley speaks with Brian Olive who began at The Northern Co-operative Meat Company in 1968.

Ray was put in touch with Brian from mutual friend Stuart Ramsey.

“Mate, this is a bloke I’m so proud to call a mate. He’s got a great story to tell.

“He’s a great man, and I just want people to know about him.”

From Casino in NSW, Brian started at the abattoir as a 17-year-old sweeping floors. He moved on to become a qualified tradesman, reaching the highest level in the trade.

He shares with Ray Hadley the story of his first day.

“My manager came along and said righto Brian, I’m going to give you a three-month trial and I’ll be back to see how you’re going.

“And I said yes, sir. So I waited and waited, and I waited a few more years to go by and after about 25 years they gave me a watch.

“I said I’m still waiting for my foreman to come back!

“To meet this milestone, I’m very proud of it.”

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