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Ray slams unbelievable ‘job snob’ emailer

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Ray has called out an abhorrent case of “intellectual and employment snobbery” emailed to him by a listener.

‘Wally’ wrote in attacking 19-year-old Billy, who Ray has been speaking to on-air since he was in primary school.

Wally turned his nose up at Billy’s new job as a miner in Cobar saying, “His mum must be so disappointed”.

After starting his career as a taxi driver and auctioneer, Ray has experienced this sort of ostracism most of his life and decided to take a stand.

“I don’t give a bugger whether you dig ditches, you hold a stop-go sign or you sweep floors.

“If you do it with plenty of fervour and enthusiasm you get a tick from me.

“If you stack shelves, if you’re at the door as a greeter, if you’re employed gainfully you get a tick from me.

“Because one thing I admire is people that work hard and I don’t care in what avenue they work hard.

“What an old flea you are Wally. You’re one of those employment, intellectual snobs I referred to.

“You’re an old wanker.”


Wally’s email

“Ray, I don’t understand it. That boy who you had on yesterday, and frequently since he was a primary school kid.

His mother sent him to a Sydney boarding school so he could get a good education.

So, what does he do after leaving school with a supurb (sic) education?

He goes into a mine as a miner. His mum must be so disappointed.

Cheers, Wally.”


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