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Ray Hadley’s producer receives not-so-cryptic Valentine’s Day message in the classifieds

Once upon a time, Valentine’s Day would see hundreds of love messages published in the newspapers.

There would be page after page of cryptic clues, soppy sonnets, secret admirers and even raunchy notes.

Ray Hadley opened up the paper today and reflected on how times have changed.

“We’re reduced now to page 46 of the Telegraph, and it’s half a page and there are… about 20 messages.

“They’re pretty bland really… there’s none that really capture my attention,” says Ray.

Until… he came across one that struck a chord.

Valentine’s Day ad in The Daily Telegraph

“Oh, here’s one. Isn’t this a coincidence… with the same name as one of my producers.

“That’s rather cryptic isn’t it…”

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But Taylah, Ray’s producer, didn’t find the message quite as baffling.

In fact, she has her own theory on who her secret admirer really was.

These days people seem to take to social media, rather than the classifieds, to express their love.

And it’s not just smitten boyfriends and girlfriends… even our police are getting involved.