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Ray Hadley’s advice to Sam Burgess after judiciary criticism

Ray Hadley says Sam Burgess should pay any fine he may receive after he made comments criticising the NRL judiciary.

Burgess called the judiciary a “kangaroo court” after he served a one-match suspension for hair pulling.

He will now meet with Todd Greenberg, where he must show cause as to why he shouldn’t be issued with a breach notice over the comments.

But Ray Hadley says there is no excuse for Burgess’ comments.

“What he’s accused them of doing is predetermining the guilt or innocence of people appearing before them.

“You can’t say that! You can’t say that they’re rorting the system.

“I’ll tell you why I think Sam should pay them $10,000 if there’s a fine issued… because, Sam, it will be a lot cheaper than defamation action.”

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Sam Burgess’ image: Getty/ Brendon Thorne