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Ray Hadley throws ‘full support’ behind officer involved in Indigenous arrest

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Ray Hadley says the police officer involved in the controversial arrest of an Indigenous teenager shouldn’t be sacked.

Video footage shows a 17-year-old boy speaking to a male police officer before saying “I’ll crack ya f**king jaw bro”.

The officer then sweeps the boy’s legs and he lands face-first on the curb, chipping his tooth.

The junior constable has been placed on restricted duties as a review into his conduct is carried out.

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has apologised to the boy over the police officer’s actions, admitting it could have been dealt in another way.

“In this particular case, the copper has my full support,” Ray Hadley opined.

“Police don’t get any respect.

“It’s not about indigenous people, or white people, or people from any other ethnic background, it’s about a lack of respect for the authority of police.

“If the Police Commissioner in NSW has to apologise, well Mick you need to have a rethink, the PC brigade have got a hold of you!”

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NSW Police Association Secretary Pat Gooley told Ray Hadley the result of the investigation should not be pre-empted.

“There’s an investigation underway and for the Commissioner to come out and say what he did is very disappointing.

“I think people are trying to turn this into something it’s not. We’re not America.

“We’re sick of being judged on 10 seconds of video.”

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