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Ray Hadley shines a light on life-threatening condition after his own health scare

Ray Hadley is bringing attention to World Sepsis Day after his own health scare with the condition last week.

After developing sepsis during his fight with diverticulitis last week, Ray Hadley is urging his listeners to become familiar with the symptoms of the life-threatening condition.

Sepsis arises when your body’s response to an infection damages its own tissues or organs, which can lead to shock, organ failure and death.

There are estimated to be 100,000 cases of sepsis in Australia each year, with about 13,000 resulting in death.

Ray recently paid tribute to his colleague on the anniversary of losing her four-year-old son to sepsis.

When Ray was forced off-fair last Monday due to diverticulitis, he says his doctor quickly found he was also showing signs of sepsis.

“All of a sudden I felt disoriented, I felt confused, I didn’t know what I was saying, and I removed myself from the radio program. 

“[My specialist] started treating it immediately. The outcome for me was wonderful. I was out of hospital by Saturday and returned to work on Monday.”

Professor Simon Finfer says it’s important people recognise the symptoms of sepsis so they can seek early treatment. 

“When you show signs of organs struggling a bit, so rapid breathing, a very rapid heart rate, weakness, muscle pains, not passing urine for long periods of time. 

“Mental changes are very, very ominous. People tend to become a bit confused and a bit muddled in their thinking.”

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