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Ray Hadley reveals why he’s defending mullets

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Ray Hadley has gone in to bat for the mullet after a man was denied access to a bar due to the questionable haircut.

A Perth teenager is claiming discrimination against his hairstyle after he was refused entry to a bar on his 18th birthday because of his mullet.

The story prompted Ray to reveal his true feelings toward the mullet.

“You know, a haircut doesn’t maketh the man.

“When I was a young boy… my father’s favourite expression was ‘get a haircut’.

“Because like everyone in the 70’s I had very long hair.”

Ray went on to reflect on some of the greatest NRL mullets he’s encountered over the years, including Matthew Johns’.

“One of the things I’ve noticed recently about Matthew, on his Fox program, there’s a hit of a mullet coming back there.

“I think he’s going back to his roots. I think that’s he’s inches away from becoming a mullet-head again, Matthew Johns!”

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