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Ray Hadley opens up for the first time about infamous, life-changing clash

Ray Hadley has revealed how his clash with Super League boss John Ribot went on to shape his whole career. 

After hearing about how the infamous moment was brought up in a recent Matty Johns’ podcast, Ray was left reminiscing about the time he went toe-to-toe with Ribot on The Footy Show in the 1990’s.

Ray was on the panel of the NSW Footy Show, hosted by Paul ‘Fatty’ Vautin, Peter Sterling, and Steven ‘Blocker’ Roach at the time.

“We were all caught up in the fervour of the Super League war… it was fairly vitriolic at the time.”

Ray said they were told John Ribot was to be a special guest on the show to explain what Super League was all about.

“What they reported last night [in the podcast] was Ribot said… ‘I think we’re getting ambushed here’.

“And there was no ambush per se, but Fatty was instructed to let Ribot have his say… and so he went on for about five minutes.

“And I just sat there and I just said at the end of it, ‘that’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard in my life’.

“The fans in Sydney went berserk and started cheering me, which was unusual for me.

“So, I started to rip and tear… the longer it went the worse I got.”

Ray said this moment triggered a domino effect in his life saying, “in a strange, strange way that… changed the course of my career.”

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