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Ray Hadley names and shames anti-vax osteopath

Celebrity chef Pete Evans has been fined by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for selling a $15,000 USD ‘light machine’, after falsely claiming it would cure coronavirus.

The fine of $25,000 is preceded by a history of questionable medical advice, including publishing “extremely deadly” dietary advice for babies, recommending osteoporosis sufferers stop consuming dairy to avoid calcium decay, and even promoting the work of a prominent anti-vaccination campaigner.

“The bloke’s stark-raving mad. But that’s not the only contact I’ve had with lunacy over the weekend,” Ray Hadley revealed.

Ray was contacted by an alternative medicine practitioner, based north-west of Sydney, supporting the cause of anti-vaccination activists.

Osteopath Dr Kerry Harrison sent Ray several conspiratorial videos, requesting he watch and ‘learn’ from them.

“I wrote back to her and said, very simply, ‘no, because they’re mad and so are you. Don’t write again.’

“You’re a complete dope, and a complete moron.”

Dr Harrison has also peddled other myths on social media, such as 5G conspiracies, Ray alleged.

“[The Osteopathy Board of Australia] say osteopathic physicians strongly support the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccination guidelines, because vaccines are proven to be safe, and to protect patients against needless suffering and death.”

Ray has brought the case to the attention of the board, calling for Dr Harrison to be “brought to heel”.

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