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Ray Hadley moved by country musician’s powerful message

Australian country music artist Travis Collins has revealed the somber story behind one of his new tracks.

‘Rainy Day’, from his new album Wreck Me, is an expression of the singer’s grief over the untimely death of a friend.

Mr Collins told Ray Hadley he’s been a long-time ambassador of RUOK Day after losing his father-in-law to suicide.

“I thought I was equipped with everything to spot the signs, and how to have the conversation, and yet a year ago another close friend of mine, it happened again.”

Ray revealed that he was struck personally by the song’s lyrics, with a friend of his confronting the recent loss of their teenage son to a battle with mental health.

“No one will ever understand … why things happen as they do, but by gee we’ve just got to try and, in some way mate, find the answers.

“The sense of helplessness, when it does impact on you, is just palpable.”

Mr Collins stressed that anyone listening who is struggling with their mental health should speak out.

“Just know that you are surrounded by so much love, more than you could possibly comprehend.

“Lean on your mates. A problem shared is a problem halved.”

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