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Ray Hadley heads dramatic new road safety campaign

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4BC’s Ray Hadley has been chosen as the voice of a dramatic new road safety campaign launched by the NSW Government.

The ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ blitz features the final text messages typed by victims, in the moments before they crashed and could be on its way to Queensland early next year.

20-year-old Brooke Richardson was killed in 2012 while on her way to work.

Her mother Vicki has shared the message she sent in a bid to save other lives.

“Hey are you still coming today?”

Ray Hadley, “I’d like everyone up there right now and tell me with a clear conscience you’ve never illegally used your phone.

“I’m putting my hand up saying I have. I haven’t been caught, but I have.

“We all need to stop. Everyone has done it at some stage and they need to stop.”

NSW Roads Minister Melinda Pavey says it was Ray’s honesty that made him the perfect spokesperson for the campaign.

“I heard you over 12 months ago talking about this. You showed your courage in your convictions. You took it upon yourself… and I just thought you’ve got the profile to help lead this campaign for us.”

Ms Pavey has contacted the Queensland government who are keen to implement the program as soon as possible.

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