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Ray Hadley criticises Scott Morrison’s bushfire response

Ray Hadley says he can understand why many Australians are angry at the Prime Minister over his response to the bushfires.

On Thursday, Scott Morrison was filmed walking away from angry Cobargo residents as they expressed their grief and rage at what they saw as a lack of government action.

Ray checked in on the bushfire situation with Mark Levy, who is filling in on The Ray Hadley Morning Show while he takes a break.

He says he can absolutely understand why people would criticise the Prime Minister’s response.

“I think in some instances it’s fair. He should never have gone to Hawaii, he should never have taken a holiday in the manner he did. 

“Nor should David Elliott, by the way, who’s coming back from Europe overnight I believe. He’s the Emergency Services Minister of NSW and he left well and truly after we knew what crisis we were confronting.”

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