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Ray Hadley completely shatters claims the flu is worse than COVID-19

Ray Hadley has debunked any suggestion COVID-19 isn’t as bad as the annual flu.

Exasperated by reports in the media attempting to downplay the severity of COVID-19, Ray delivered a simple breakdown of the numbers.

“So, just say at the moment, 500,000 fatalities yearly from the flu, but there’s a billion cases of the flu, and there is a vaccine.

“It equates… to one death in every 2000 infections or 0.0005 of one percent.

“The current global figures in terms of death for COVID-19 is 600,000, [from] 15-million infections.

“Now, the figure that’s often quoted is ‘it’s only 0.04 of one percent’, but it equates to one death in 25 infections.”

Ray told listeners to quote these figures to anyone who takes the line that it’s only the flu and we don’t need to worry about it.

“So, the flu is one in 2000, the virus is one in 25. Now, you don’t need to be a Rhode scholar… to understand which one you want to be.

“I’ll cop the one in 2000 every day of the week!”

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