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Ray Hadley comes down on Qantas for ‘un-Australian’ outsourcing of jobs

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Ray Hadley has slammed Qantas for ‘un-Australian’ treatment of staff amid protests at airports countrywide.

Hundreds of Qantas workers plan to protest at airports as those facing redundancy will need to apply for new jobs with private contractors.

“Now, Alan Joyce has enjoyed my support for a long time, and he’s in a terrible position as the CEO of that airline,” said Ray.

“But at the same time … we’re jumping up and down about making things more in Australia and supporting ourselves so that we’re less impacted by events overseas.”

Ray shared an email he was sent from a Qantas baggage handler who faces redundancy in three months.

“My job … still exists, but the executive decided to outsource our work to what would be described as the lowest bidder,” Ray reads from the email.

“This iconic Australian company … is now bailing out on us; fellow loyal employees are being put up for adoption by the flying kangaroo as our Christmas gift, how un-Australian is that.”

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