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Ray Hadley blasts Queensland Premier over decision to hold elections

Ray Hadley has accused the Queensland Premier of prioritising political gain over the safety of voters, by continuing with elections in the face of a pandemic.

“She’s going to put a whole range of people at risk, and many are elderly people,” Ray told listeners.

“There’s no way you can mitigate the danger of thousands of people gathering at polling booths.”

He suggested the Labor Party’s motivation lies with their hope of taking the seat of Currumbin in tomorrow’s by-election.

“I’ve never heard madness like it!”

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Brisbane Lord Mayor and LNP candidate Adrian Schrinner tells Ray more than half of voters have already pre-polled for Saturday’s local council elections and state by-elections.

Over half a million postal votes have been received from across the state, but Mr Schrinner is avoiding over-confidence.

“The election will ultimately be decided on election day by the votes, so it’s really important to take up any oppportunities you have – be safe, but have your democratic say.”

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Meanwhile, Ray has been barred from interviewing the Queensland Electoral Commissioner about the health concerns, with the Commissioner’s media advisor accusing Ray of trying to influence an election.

“With so much public concern about the safety of tomorrow’s vote, you would think the Electoral Commission Of Queensland or local government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe would want to put people’s minds at ease, or at least explain the precautions they are taking.

“But instead, all they have done is repeatedly dodge our requests for a chat.”

The media representative refusing to have Mr Hinchliffe on Ray’s show is none other than Bernadette Condren – Brisbane Lord Mayoral candidate Pat Condren’s sister.

“That shouldn’t be a reflection on her, just because she has a dope for a brother.”

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