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Ray gives Alan Jones a special thank you, ‘without this fella, I wouldn’t be here’

Following the release of the latest radio ratings, Ray Hadley admits he’s indebted to his colleague Alan Jones.

“I want to just say something to you, and I mean it sincerely,” he says to Alan sitting opposite him in the studio.

“We came here together in 2002, that was a lifetime ago.

“Without this fella, I wouldn’t be here, and the other 130 people that are employed here wouldn’t be here as well.

“I think we all owe you a debt of gratitude as a radio station, for what you’ve done.”

The Alan Jones Breakfast Show clocked its 210th survey win while Ray Hadley maintained a significant lead in the morning slot with his 111th straight ratings victory.

“You’re very kind,” says Alan.

“We do it I suppose because we love it.

“And we do it because I think there are people out there who are voiceless.”

Listen to the heartfelt exchange below