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RACQ shocks with obscure road rules, are you guilty?

The road rules are simple.

Indicate before turning, switch your lights on at night, and avoid overtaking on double lines.

But sometimes they can be confusing, that’s why Queensland’s major motoring body RACQ is warning drivers to be wary of all the road rules.

Even the weird ones.

The biggest rulebreakers are those who drive with dogs on their lap or with an arm or leg out the window.

And that honk you might give as you drive away from a friend? Well, that could now set you back $76.

Chris Smith speaks with RACQ spokeswoman Lauren Ritchie.

“These are all actually Australian road rules. So every single state around Australia does have these as road rules, just the penalty is slightly different in each state,” she says.

“In Queensland, it’s not a road rule to have your pet restrained, but it is an offence to have them on your lap.

“There’s probably a [few] people who think it’s not a road rule and those who think they’ll never get caught for it.

“That’s why we’ve released this list of the more obscure road rules.”

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