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Queensland Treasurer apologises for on-air budget blunder

Queensland Treasurer Cameron Dick has been forced to backtrack on comments he made on-air, apologising to “anyone who took offence”.

Speaking to Neil Breen on 4BC Breakfast this morning, Mr Dick corrected Neil’s assertion the state budget was originally to be handed down in April, saying “we always deliver the budget … in the second week of June”.

Later today, he acknowledged Neil was in fact right, apologising for the mistake in parliament.

Shadow treasurer Tim Mander accused Mr Dick of being deceptive about the long term economic outlook by withholding the budget.

“He’s come out today and said that they will be delivering a budget four weeks after the election,” he told Scott Emerson.

“You cannot produce a budget from scratch in one month, which means the preparation for the budget has basically been done, Scott, and they’re refusing to disclose it.

“The only conclusion that you can have is that they’re trying to hide how bad the figures are.”

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Image: Nine News