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Queensland relocation worsens financial hardship for netball players

Nearly half of Australian professional netball players are struggling to make ends meet.

40 per cent of players have casual or part-time jobs to make up the income shortfall from their primary employment, but relocating the Super Netball competition to Queensland has forced some out of work.

Netball legend and commentator Liz Ellis told Deborah Knight some players are “going to do it pretty tough”.

“These players are paid reasonably good wages by comparison to what we used to get paid, but it’s still not enough to live on.”

She said players and coaches have taken pay cuts without “too much grumbling” for the sake of keeping the competition running.

“We’re not on our own in this regard, and I think that’s why the players haven’t said too much about it.

“There’s still a bit of a sense that we feel fortunate that we’ve still got jobs, even though they don’t pay a huge amount of money.

“The community is making sacrifices to get through this, and netball is part of the community.”

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