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Queensland parents told to call police on schools that turn away their students

Queensland MP Andrew Laming is encouraging parents to call the police if their children are turned away from attending school.

Classroom learning in Queensland is unlikely to resume until mid-May, while schools in other states plan to reopen earlier in the month.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has privately admitted she’s concerned she’ll cop the blame if an outbreak occurs.

Mr Laming told Ben Fordham parents shouldn’t be bullied into keeping their kids at home.

“Every childcare centre’s open, why on Earth aren’t the schools?

“We’re getting nasty phone calls, cajoling, pressuring and guilt-trip[ping], coming out of school communication, and that isn’t right.”

Mr Laming defended himself against accusations the response is extreme, telling Ben he’s simply taking students’ education seriously.

“I’m telling public servants – back off.

“Remember, the child is the priority here – listen to the parent.”

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Image: YouTube/Andrew Laming