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Queensland man battling cancer stuck in hotel quarantine

A Queensland man with inoperable throat cancer is being kept in hotel quarantine despite his families pleas for a medical exemption.

Alan has been in hotel quarantine since he travelled down to Griffith in NSW for his father’s funeral.

His father, Jim, was the former Mayor of Griffith.

Since Alan is undergoing chemotherapy he expected to be granted a medical exemption upon returning to Queensland.

Instead, he was sent to quarantine where he has been since September 6.

Debbie McGann told Neil Breen her brother was rushed to hospital on Monday after a medical episode but ended up back in quarantine.

“I’ve been on the phone to Queensland Health numerous times.

“I got a call from a Welfare Officer and I was expecting they’d be compassionate and understanding but I was very, very, sadly mistaken.

“She said ‘he is fine, I know that he’s got cancer but he is fine. He doesn’t need oxygen, he doesn’t need specialised medical treatment.'”

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Image: Alan (right) with his father (left)