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Queensland kids will return to school next week

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Queensland’s planned ‘staged’ return to school will see the youngest and oldest students begin face-to-face classes next week. 

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced students in Kindergarten, Prep, Years 1, 11 and 12 will return to school next Monday, May 11.

All remaining grades will return to school a fortnight later, on May 25.

Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace told Deborah Knight the teachers’ union is supportive of the “steady-as-she-goes, commonsense approach”.

“They were fine when we consulted with them.

“Clearly they want to make sure that the health and safety of all the school community is in place; they want to make sure that teachers and staff are not put it any danger in regards to this. We still have to social distance.”

Whilst she admits news of a student and teacher in other states contracting COVID-19 “concerned” her, Ms Grace argues Queensland is in a different position.

“We haven’t had any transmission cases like that.

“Most of our cases have come from overseas, or from cruise ships.”

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