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QLD firefighters opposing ticker-tape parade to honour them

Luke Grant
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Queensland firefighters are rejecting plans for a ticker-tape parade to honour them.  

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner announced plans to hold a parade through the streets of Brisbane honouring the heroes of the bushfire crisis.

However, General Secretary of the United QLD Firefighters Union, John Oliver tells Luke Grant their members don’t want to be part of it.

“They don’t see it as something they wish to do and most are opposed to it.

“Firefighters aren’t the type of person who likes to get out in ticker-tape parades and beat their chest.”

Mr Olivers says there’s been a lot of great work from professional and volunteer firefighters across QLD and they are aware of how thankful the community is.

“It’s more about ‘geez it’d be nice if someone asked us what we thought would be a fitting tribute’.

“No one’s been asked about it, no one’s been told about it until we saw it in the news.”

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Image: Getty / Rob Griffith