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QLD farmer still fighting $112,000 fine for feeding his starving cattle

A Queensland farmer fighting a huge fine for feeding his cattle says the government is “exacerbating the problem” of the drought.

Dan McDonald operates his own cattle grazing business north-west of Charleville in Queensland that is reliant on mulga.

He’s being prosecuted and fined $112,000 for harvesting mulga and feeding it to his starving animals.

The government claims it is an offence characterised as “carrying out development without a permit”.

Dan tells Alan it’s not just affecting him, but the whole country.

“Alan we’ve got people down in NSW that are in a position where they don’t have mulga and they’re desperate for hay.

“Yet up here we’ve got people here with mulga on their properties, they’ve got vegetation that they can’t use because of these ridiculous bloody laws.

“They’re buying the very hay that these people in NSW could be using.

“We’re carting it all the way up here to feed the cattle in the same paddocks where we’ve got vegetation that they could be eating.”

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