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Qantas catering staff threatening to strike

Qantas catering staff are threatening to walk off the job after the Australian airline sold it’s catering business to an Emirates subsidiary.

Listener Bob called Ray after his partner, who was about to board a connecting flight from San Francisco, heard Qantas catering staff had walked off the job.

When Ray put the information to Qantas, it denied there was anything going on, rudely claiming “everything’s normal”.

But when pressed, it later retracted its initial claims, admitting “there’s a number of meetings occurring”.

“There’s a number of meetings occurring at the Qantas Catering Centre in Sydney today in relation to the proposed sale to Dnata. Fridays are always a very busy day at the airport and our teams are working hard to get all flights away on time.”

More than 1,200 staff have been left in limbo with no guarantee their jobs will be safe.

It’s believed staff are holding emergency ‘stop-work’ meetings as a last-ditch effort to avoid a strike.

Listen to Ray’s comments in full below