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Push to challenge powerful institutions allowing sexual harassment to ‘flourish’

Pru Goward is calling on every lawyer in the country to demand change in their profession to stop sexual harassment flourishing.

The former Sex Discrimination Commissioner’s push for reform comes in the wake of the independent High Court inquiry which found former Justice Dyson Heydon sexually harrassed six young female associates.

Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald today, Ms Goward highlights how sexual harassment can become invisible in businesses awash with power and privilege.

Ms Goward told Mark Levy you “can smell” when an organisation has the ingredients to create an environment where “sexual harassment can flourish”.

Despite the bravery of the young women coming forward and speaking up against the alleged sexual harassment, Ms Goward says they won’t be commended by everyone, they’ll be seen as “trouble makers”.

“Let me tell you, there will be a lot of senior barristers in a lot of chambers that will just cross those women off their list.”

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