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Push to ban alternative drinks from being called ‘milk’

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The Country Women’s Association says plant-based drinks should be banned from using the term “milk”.

The association has voted to lobby governments over the label because they say the rise of alternative milk products is hurting dairy farmers.

Dietician Susie Burrell tells Chris Smith alternative “milk”, such as almond and rice milk, lacks calcium and protein.

“My concern is there’s a whole group of people who are swapping to… alternatives to animal milk with the perception that they’re better for you.

“But nutritionally there are significant consequences of doing that.”

So what should they be called instead?

Susie says, “It is misleading for consumers to think it’s milk, it’s not. It’s a nut drink, it’s a fortified nut drink.”

But Chris is leaning towards the name “filk”- fortified milk.

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