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Psychologist attacked because her lecture stuck up for men

Australian sex therapist and clinical psychologist Bettina Arndt has been confronted by protesters ahead of her talk against the idea of a “rape crisis” at Australian universities.

This week, Ms Arndt gave her first campus talk in a series of lectures titled: ‘Is there a rape crisis on university campuses?’.

La Trobe University had originally banned her from speaking, but backflipped on its decision.

Students organised by the National Union of Students and the Victorian Socialists confronted Ms Arndt before her first lecture and banged on the doors of the lecture theatre, chanting and using “pretty horrendous” language.

Ms Arndt has told Chris Smith that she “went up to the first group of demonstrators and said, ‘Why don’t you come in and listen to what I have to say?’.

“And they stood there like two foot away from me with a megaphone screaming at me, it was just extraordinary.

“The protesters bashed on the glass door throughout the whole one hour lecture, screaming, using the megaphone.

“These kids were really obnoxious”.

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