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Prime Minister Scott Morrison egged at conference

Image: Sky News

A Victorian woman has been charged after she tried to ‘egg’ Prime Minister Scott Morrison during a conference in Albury.

The PM was at a Country Women’s Association conference when a young woman came up behind him and attempted to smash an egg on his head.

Footage of the attack shows the egg narrowly miss Mr Morrison.

Watch the moment below

The 24-year-old woman is immediately set upon by security guards who peacefully removed her from the conference.

NSW police arrested the woman and have said in a statement, “the egg appears to have struck him on the head – and the Prime Minister’s security team quickly restrained the woman.” (See full statement below)

Detectives found cannabis during a search of the woman and charged her with common assault and the possession of a prohibited drug.

She was granted strict conditional bail and will appear at court this month.

Macquarie National News Political Editor Michael Pachi was there and questioned the woman on her motives.

“He deserves it, he deserves a lot worse actually,” she says.

“Just go on Google and follow his Twitter… it f***ing speaks for itself.”

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The Prime Minister has addressed the incident on social media calling it “thuggery” from “cowardly activists”.

An older woman was knocked to the ground during the commotion.

The Prime Minister immediately jumped to her aid.

When questioned, the protestor says she regrets that the older woman was caught up in her actions.

Full statement from NSW Police

“24 year old woman is in custody following an incident involving the Prime Minister in Albury.

“Officers from the Murry River Police District arrested the woman after she allegedly threw an egg at the PM during a country womens association event.

“The egg appears to have struck him on the head – and the Prime Minister’s security team quickly restrained the woman.

“In the act of detaining her another woman was knocked over.

“No injuries have been reported. Inquiries are continuing.”

Opposition leader Bill Shorten says the woman’s actions were “appalling and disgraceful” and says, “the Prime Minister has my complete sympathy.”

Political Editor Michael Pachi tells Ray Hadley it was unexpected.

“The Prime Minister I think was taken aback when it happened.”

Ray says, “it just leaves me feeling uncomfortable and it wouldn’t matter whether it was Bill Shorten or Scott Morrison it’s just not the way we conduct ourselves in Australia.”

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