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Prime Minister orders investigation into Bridget McKenzie over sports grants

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Senator Bridget McKenzie has been referred to for investigation by the Prime Minister over allegations of mismanaging sports grants.

Then-Sports Minister Bridget McKenzie has been fighting allegations of ‘pork-barrelling’, with claims much of the $100-million fund was dished out to marginal seats ahead of the election.

It’s been revealed by Nine Newspapers that Senator McKenzie approved a $36,000 grant for a shooting club which she was a member of.

National Political Editor Michael Pachi tells Janine Perrett the department was ordered to investigate the sports grants last Friday.

“They did announce that the Attorney-General’s department would be doing an investigation into the grants.

“This obviously is working in conjunction with the PM’s department.

“The Attorney-General’s office, or the PM&C, are not seen as independent… so you’d think the only way this is going to be cleared up is for there to be a completely transparent and independent inquiry.”

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Image: Getty/Michael Dodge – CA