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‘I deeply regret it’: Prime Minister speaks to John Stanley after cutting short controversial holiday

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison will be cutting his holiday short and returning to Sydney tomorrow, given the increasing bushfire threat.

The Prime Minister has expressed his sympathies to families of volunteer firefighters killed overnight while fighting bushfires in Sydney’s south-west and announced he will be returning to Sydney.

He took five days to travel with his family but was criticised, with some saying he has an obligation to address the bushfire crisis.

It’s Mr Morrison’s first overseas holiday since travelling to Fiji after the May federal election.

He tells John Stanley he just wanted to surprise his children with a holiday in Hawaii after a hard year.

“I think because there have been such horrendous events that have understandably caused a lot of anxiety and I deeply regret that.

“If I can return and provide some moral support to people who are out there doing it really tough then that’s what I’ll be very glad to do.”

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Image: Getty/James Gourley