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Prime Minister accused of ‘misleading’ the public

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is being accused of “misleading” the public after it was revealed immediate drought assistance for farmers makes up less than 14 per cent of the promised $7 billion.

The government was scrutinised in senate estimates when Labor Senator Murray Watt repeatedly asked Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie how the government could claim to be spending $7 billion in drought relief when $5 billion was allocated to a Future Drought Fund.

Senator Watt tells Steve Price the government needs to act immediately.

“The entire centrepiece of this imaginary $7 billion fund is something that’s actually only worth about $100 million a year.

“Every time we’ve got the Prime Minister going around claiming to have a $7 billion drought package, I’m afraid he’s just misleading people who really need our help.”

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Image: Getty/Tracey Nearmy